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Le Casino or La Plage.. thats the question


Where away to a place called Cabourg for a while ago when I took this photo. The question was.. shall we go to the beach or the casino. We ended up at the casino for a couple of hours. We had never been in to a reel casino before,  reason is that you can´t really find them over here where i live.. I short, its more common to play slots and  card games via computer or your smart phone these days. One day i want to go to Las Vegas and play for real…


Rich and poor in black and white

Walked slowly on a pedestrian street somewhere in Paris last weekend, this one really show the differences between rich & poor in black & white..


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Another flight to the uknown.. or


Im flying a lot with these guys, buy realised that I have never taken any photo when Im entering..


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Amaranthe on tour

I got the opportunity to visit and of course take some photos of Amaranthe´s concerts during their Nexus tour.


Olof and Joacim are pointing fingers at me..


Johan on bass and Elize on vocal, this time on the floor



Can you see any similarities of a Canadian vocalist on this picture? And im not referring to their voices.. even if both are singing really good.


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Run over by an airplane

Im trying to never leave home without my camera, actually always have it on as well.. you never know what happens that need to be captured for the future. In this case I was happy that I didn’t need to steer the car as well, that had probably been to much for me.. Many thanks to Air France for showing up in time for the picture… next time i want the A380 to be in focus instead!
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Another sundown from my hometown Stockholm, the building is”Stadshuset” or in English, “The City Hall”..

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Are they closing down?

The Swedish part of Esso started already back in 1896 but hasn’t been in Sweden for many years, they where actually bought by a Norwegian company called Statoil whish is (was) big in northern Europe for a couple of years. But Statoil is now sold as well… to a Canadian company, but the name Statoil still remains.
What happened with Esso in Greece I don’t know, but the petrol station on the picture was closed (I assume), and it looked liked it had been for a long time.

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