there will never be enough

Black & White

Le Casino or La Plage.. thats the question


Where away to a place called Cabourg for a while ago when I took this photo. The question was.. shall we go to the beach or the casino. We ended up at the casino for a couple of hours. We had never been in to a reel casino before,  reason is that you can´t really find them over here where i live.. I short, its more common to play slots and  card games via computer or your smart phone these days. One day i want to go to Las Vegas and play for real…



The white mummy

Rich and poor in black and white

Walked slowly on a pedestrian street somewhere in Paris last weekend, this one really show the differences between rich & poor in black & white..


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Another flight to the uknown.. or


Im flying a lot with these guys, buy realised that I have never taken any photo when Im entering..


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Tour de Eiffel


…you might have seen this little thingy before. Most of the times the photos of the mighty Eiffel tower are taken from a distance to get the whole tower in one shot, so here are two one´s taken in a slightly different angel then..

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A cloudy day at Sacré-Cœur

These two girls who stand in front of Sacré Coeur are my daughters

Same girls, same place, we just turend around..

Full house – ehh, rather half house

I like to capture odd and peculiar buildings, this one did I find when strolling around in Paris last year, if I recall, it was not far away from Moulin Rouge

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