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Amaranthe on tour

I got the opportunity to visit and of course take some photos of Amaranthe´s concerts during their Nexus tour.


Olof and Joacim are pointing fingers at me..


Johan on bass and Elize on vocal, this time on the floor



Can you see any similarities of a Canadian vocalist on this picture? And im not referring to their voices.. even if both are singing really good.


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We are only in it for the music

This is the Swedish band Pain visiting Paris sometime during the autumn in 2011. I helped them out with some wireless gear for their instruments and monitor systems.

Michael Bohlin, old friend to me,  plays guitar in both Pain and his own band 8 Sin.

Here is another old friend to me; Pontus Norgren from the Swedish band Hammerfall.

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The guys from the office asked me to come by and take some pictures of the gear they showed for a couple of weeks ago. The blue one captured above –  Amperior is a so called street version of the old workhorse HD25, in my opinion one of the best headphones out there..