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Run over by an airplane

Im trying to never leave home without my camera, actually always have it on as well.. you never know what happens that need to be captured for the future. In this case I was happy that I didn’t need to steer the car as well, that had probably been to much for me.. Many thanks to Air France for showing up in time for the picture… next time i want the A380 to be in focus instead!
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Are they closing down?

The Swedish part of Esso started already back in 1896 but hasn’t been in Sweden for many years, they where actually bought by a Norwegian company called Statoil whish is (was) big in northern Europe for a couple of years. But Statoil is now sold as well… to a Canadian company, but the name Statoil still remains.
What happened with Esso in Greece I don’t know, but the petrol station on the picture was closed (I assume), and it looked liked it had been for a long time.

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Tour de Eiffel


…you might have seen this little thingy before. Most of the times the photos of the mighty Eiffel tower are taken from a distance to get the whole tower in one shot, so here are two one´s taken in a slightly different angel then..

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Another sundown in Dubai

Burj Al Arab – claim to be the most luxurious hotel on earth, didn´t stay there 🙂

Just another angle, love the mixture between really modern and old style, even if the old style houses probably a newer then Burj Al Arab.

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Flight to the unknown

This picture is taken in Reykjavik – Iceland, one early morning when I did my jog. Its taken with my Nokia mobile phone…

Arc de Triomphe – again

mm, found out that I have several pictures of this little fellow on my hard disk. I travel a lot to Paris and this is the place where the airport bus ends up every time.. Arc de Triomhpe or Charles de Gaulle etoile as the place and subway actually are called, and to be clear, it has nothing to do with Charles de Gaulle.. the airport..

Im pretty sure there are more places called Charles de Gaulle here in France just to confuse us visitors… as Charles de Gaulle shopping mall, Charles de Gaulle hospital.. and why not a Mc Charles de Gaulle at Mc Donalds.. could be a typical French hamburger (without a H) based green mold cheese and some sort of newly made baguette as bread.. think I have a winner …

High heels on the football field

This amazing guy was playing with his football just in front of Sacre Coeur – France. Have no clue how good is actually is on the football field, but what he was doing with his ball was just incredible.

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