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My home town


Another sundown from my hometown Stockholm, the building is”Stadshuset” or in English, “The City Hall”..

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Colorful sundown


Another colorful sundown, this one is taken from the rooftop of my house..

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Fire in the sky

This was actually the view from my kitchen window for a while ago, the camera wasnt far away.. so..

Still taken from my kitchen window.. nearly a year later..

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Sun goes down… slowly

Love padlocks

Yesterday when I went home from a friend, I passed by a bunch of padlocks on a bridge, they where a cluster of so called love padlock´s. Many of them had the initials or the name of two persons.

I have seen the same kind of love padlocks in Paris as well, and realised when I did some investigation, that this is a world wide common way to show the love between a couple.

There is a fountain in Uruguay with a sign on the front of the fountain with a great explanation of what the love padlocks means, the sign says, The legend of this fountain tells us that if a lock with the initials of two people in love is placed in it, they will return together to the fountain and their love will be forever locked.

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This one is taken not far from my home, Kungsholmen in Stockholm. The pic is taken on my way home after a dinner with a friend; the sky was so dark blue in contrast to the buildings which I liked… so I just fired away some shots. But after playing with the colours a little bit it ended up as black & white. The dirty dark tone really appeals to me..


People rarely look up, buildings can really get another look and form then .. like that. This one is the back of Marriot hotel on Kungsholmen/Sweden

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