there will never be enough



The white mummy

Amaranthe on tour

I got the opportunity to visit and of course take some photos of Amaranthe´s concerts during their Nexus tour.


Olof and Joacim are pointing fingers at me..


Johan on bass and Elize on vocal, this time on the floor



Can you see any similarities of a Canadian vocalist on this picture? And im not referring to their voices.. even if both are singing really good.


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The wall

This one is probably on of most famous paintings on the Berlin Wall, the Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev kissing his East German counterpart Erich Honecker. I wasn’t aware, but this actually happened back in 1979… for real. The painting is sometimes called, “Kiss of death” or “it started with a kiss”. The blurry thing at left is just me, have nothing to do with this rather famous painting.

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