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Are they closing down?

The Swedish part of Esso started already back in 1896 but hasn’t been in Sweden for many years, they where actually bought by a Norwegian company called Statoil whish is (was) big in northern Europe for a couple of years. But Statoil is now sold as well… to a Canadian company, but the name Statoil still remains.
What happened with Esso in Greece I don’t know, but the petrol station on the picture was closed (I assume), and it looked liked it had been for a long time.

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Tour de Eiffel


…you might have seen this little thingy before. Most of the times the photos of the mighty Eiffel tower are taken from a distance to get the whole tower in one shot, so here are two one´s taken in a slightly different angel then..

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The porch

Found this place on a island not far away from Santorini – Greece. Looked like they just leaved their home in the morning for 50 years ago… and never came back..  or maybe they just went out with their dog for a walk, i didnt stay to find out..

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Winter in Villennes sur Seine

Not often it snows I Paris, and stays longer then 5 minutes… look at the end of the road, nearly any car dares to drive up or down that hill, the snow is still untouched..

Khalifa and A380

The place of the photo I pretty obvious… has been captured many times before. But to get one of the biggest commercial airplane in the world on the same shot as the tallest building isn’t maybe that common…
…mm yea, and the biggest light source you can find is reflected in the building as well.

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Villennes sur Seine in the morning

This is the view from my bedroom window, an early morning in my second home which is located in a small village just outside Paris. You can see traces in the sky of its closeness to Charles De Gaulle.

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Arc de Triomphe