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Red sheep of the family

and it’s even standing a bit away from the other ones

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Fullmoon in Santorini – Greece

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Flying by


A friend and I took a coffee when suddenly a bunch of birds flew by, we did what we could to catch them in flight..

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Flight to the unknown

This picture is taken in Reykjavik – Iceland, one early morning when I did my jog. Its taken with my Nokia mobile phone…

Welcome to Party Airline…

Recently a pilot got caught in a routine check just before his flight, he had 1.0 in his blood… had probably been out partying the whole night with his friends. Wondering if it would have looked something like this if he had got permission to fly ..

ps. this is a real photo and not a Photoshop mock-up.

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Love padlocks

Yesterday when I went home from a friend, I passed by a bunch of padlocks on a bridge, they where a cluster of so called love padlock´s. Many of them had the initials or the name of two persons.

I have seen the same kind of love padlocks in Paris as well, and realised when I did some investigation, that this is a world wide common way to show the love between a couple.

There is a fountain in Uruguay with a sign on the front of the fountain with a great explanation of what the love padlocks means, the sign says, The legend of this fountain tells us that if a lock with the initials of two people in love is placed in it, they will return together to the fountain and their love will be forever locked.

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High heels on the football field

This amazing guy was playing with his football just in front of Sacre Coeur – France. Have no clue how good is actually is on the football field, but what he was doing with his ball was just incredible.

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