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Are they closing down?

The Swedish part of Esso started already back in 1896 but hasn’t been in Sweden for many years, they where actually bought by a Norwegian company called Statoil whish is (was) big in northern Europe for a couple of years. But Statoil is now sold as well… to a Canadian company, but the name Statoil still remains.
What happened with Esso in Greece I don’t know, but the petrol station on the picture was closed (I assume), and it looked liked it had been for a long time.

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High ceilings in Greece

Went to Greece, or to be more exact to Crete this summer with my camera and my girlfriend.. We rented a car and just drove without any specific target in mind, just wanted to see the country side and not only the beaches.. And suddenly we found this nice (I suppose) old village. Mm yea, I have done some minor tweaks of the photo in snapseed

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Bridge over trouble water

This is the “L’ ancien pont de Poissy” or the old bridge in Poissy as they say over there. The bridge or what´s left of it is around 1000 years old. This bridge was important during the WW2 and sadly enough it was destroyed sometime back in 1944.

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Sky of Ibiza

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Tour de Eiffel


…you might have seen this little thingy before. Most of the times the photos of the mighty Eiffel tower are taken from a distance to get the whole tower in one shot, so here are two one´s taken in a slightly different angel then..

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A cloudy day at Sacré-Cœur

These two girls who stand in front of Sacré Coeur are my daughters

Same girls, same place, we just turend around..

Full house – ehh, rather half house

I like to capture odd and peculiar buildings, this one did I find when strolling around in Paris last year, if I recall, it was not far away from Moulin Rouge

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